Revenue Management Solution (RMS)

You know this scenario? Your subscriber base is stable. Your customers make calls in an unpredictable way but regardless, your income goes down. How useful would it be if you could predict your customers’ behaviour and influence it by making changes to your pricing models? Immensely. We cannot predict the future but at least we can simulate it.

Predicting revenue is one of the most difficult challenges for a mobile operator. You can derive it from past developments or you can guess it – there are no more options. Except if you could simulate the customers’ behavior based on real data; simulate their call patterns for changed parameters.

RMS gives you this opportunity. You load your own call data and customer tariffs into the simulation engine. You design your own scenarios, changing tariffs and customer behavior as you want. And then you rerate the calls and compare the results.

RMS uses real calls from real customers and you real tariffs. For a simulation scenario you select a group of customers based upon the criteria that you choose. Now you apply modifications to the tariffs according to your marketing target. And you set the parameters for the changes on call behavior that you expect.

“Increasing the prices for data traffic by 10% will lead to 5% less calls but 12% increased income in the group of male business users under 40 years old.”

The results can be viewed and compared in our own client application or exported to Spreadsheet applications or databases for further analysis.


RMS operates on Linux and uses an optimized version of the Billing Components™ Rating Engine, a proven and reliable software that has been in productive use for many years.

RMS uses powerful next generation database technologies. The call data is stored in Mongo DB, a noSQL database and processed much faster than you are used to, rerating a whole month of calls over night.

The client application is browser based and uses JavaScript frameworks.

RMS does not require investments in 3rd party software licenses. All components are either made by us or are license-free open source products.